Secure and convenient wireless charging

Delight your customers or teams with Opencharge's convenient and secure wireless power as a service platform.

Why providing power as a service is important?

Today we rely on our phones in almost every aspect of life; to get around, for payments, for digital menus, to stay in touch and to stay productive – but without power none of this happens.

Low battery anxiety

73% of consumers face battery anxiety at least once
a week.*

*Source: Wireless Power Consortium


80% of consumers feel loyal to brands that are there when they need them.**

**Source: Accenture

Why Opencharge?

Fast charge

Capable of delivering up to 15W Qi (can be extended to 40W Proprietary) wireless charging. Qi and AirFuel compliant intelligent chipset enhances performance and efficiency.

Cloud hosted

Effortlessly manage your entire wireless charging network in an online interface. Supports Wi-Fi standard for connectivity to the cloud for data analysis and 3rd-party integrations.

Enterprise grade

Scale up with enterprise-grade durability. Liquid and dust-resistance preserve functionality and appearance, while semi-permanent mounting deters movement and tampering.

With a simple tap on the Power Surface wireless charging spot
end-users can

Download Loyalty & Digital Rewards apps.

Table-side order through digital menu at hotels and restaurants or trigger a zoom meeting at your office.

Easily connect and engage with fans at sports stadiums.